We help markets communicate.
Adding transparency. Mitigating risk.

The Platform

We provide a communication platform that allows our users to publish indicative quotes on a wide range of physically-delivered structured energy products and options. The quotes are displayed as an orderbook, which ticks in real-time. We offer a flexible view on live quotes plus historical pricing and volatility data.

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The Markets

We focus on the UK and European energy markets, primarily, gas and power. We support users quoting on a range of options and structured-products, from vanilla puts and calls, to indexed or fixed price swings, virtual-transport, calendar spread options and virtual storage. We also support baskets of products, such as indexed swing spreads, and option spreads and fences.

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The Model

attribute, with product specifics and prices rather than counterparty visibility driving the market. The platform therefore conforms to the voice brokered trading model, facilitating the communication between brokers and trading counterparties.

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Our Mission

To increase the visibility and transparency of markets in complex energy products, thereby reducing risk and helping boost liquidity.

Our Clients

We work with over 100 trading institutions across Europe, including large energy companies, financial institutions and funds, with more than 400 active trading accounts.